My focus is on quality imagery.
 I take my time, to get the adorable images and allow myself to create for my clients. I'm very attentive to their needs. Ensuring that the experience is relaxing, beautiful, and amazing is what is most important to me. Spending time to get each photo just right is a signature of my brand.

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My brand is a luxury experience. Your wants for your photo session are very important to me. I tailor every aspect of design around our discussions. I pay attention to your color choices, your favorite sets I previously created, as well, as stories that resonate with you personally. Incorporating heirloom items is encouraged (if they are small enough).

I communicate regularly throughout the process. I try to ensure all logistics are covered so session day is smooth. From prep guides to food questionnaires, I want you to walk into the studio and feel at home. I've recently moved to a new studio in EADO. And although it's the first time I've had a studio out home in years, when you come, I still want it to feel welcoming.

As a luxury brand, client experience is always top priority. My editing is extremely detailed to ensure those final photos are stunning and ethereal. Selecting images is its own experience, be ready to love all of your photos! Then the final stage is print delivery...I've had clients say that that is an even more impressive level of service, as they are blown away with the final product!

My journey into newborn photography started in 2010, prior to the birth of my son. I was looking for a photographer to capture his photos.

In 2010, I didn't understand that there is a whole lot that goes into newborn photography. The level of posing skills, lighting, editing, and sheer patience to get those idyllic images really takes years to master. 

My focus is on quality imagery. I take my time, I get the adorable images, I allow myself to create for my clients. I only capture one baby per day. I'm selective in my clientele to ensure they value what I create. That is important to me.

Each set I create is custom to what the parent wants, or vision I am trying to create for them. There's a lot that goes into planning for our time together to make sure things go smoothly.


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We believe in florals. Each session incorporates an element of nature. For boys or girls, you will find that our portfolio clearly demonstrates a love of the outdoors. We often use real flowers that reflect the season as well as faux florals to embelish a design.



As much as we thrive on creating custom sets, and placing dripping florals around your baby...we are equally drawn to the simple baby focused approach. These create the best black and white images which are timeless!



We encourage families to be present in their newborn images. The way we pose newborns with parents and siblings looks way cooler when done by a professional.

You have years to take iphone photos of your family. But only a newborn photographer can wrap, position, and pose your family so that everyone looks amazing!


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