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Katy | Houston Birth Photographer

Katy | Houston Birth Photographer


It’s been two years since I’ve moved to Katy, Texas from Anchorage, Alaska. When in Alaska, I worked full-time as an auditor for an oil company. I’ve been a photographer for seven years. My business began as a hobby and became a thriving part-time business while in Alaska. Since moving to Texas I’ve enjoyed being able to do what I love full-time.



I’ve expanded my business since my move to Texas to increase the amount of newborn services I can provide. One of the joys of my job is capturing births. I’ve honestly always wanted to see if I could hack the birth world. Why, you ask? Well I am the mother that did NOT want to see her baby all covered in gunk and blood. I don’t like blood, or needles…but I’m not terrified of them. So for each child I asked them to clean them off before bringing them to me.


Two sisters looking at their new baby brother in the hospital right after he was born. Photo taken by Joanna Booth Photography in Houston and Katy Texas.


Also, side note, I had pretty terrible deliveries. First child was an emergency c-section, I went into a terrible shaking fit when they put in the epidural in my back and everyone panicked and thought I was paralyzed. Second child, ten years later, I wanted a VBAC, they tried, but he was a week late and showed no signs of coming. No contractions, nada. We scheduled his birth, and went in for the spinal, I was not doing an epidural like the first time again. It took them AT LEAST 30 minutes to get it in. Literally had a sore back and scars months afterwards.



Anyhoo, I am also pretty sensitive to others pain. It makes my stomach turn and twinge when anyone gets hurt. So wanting to venture into birth photography was scary, but so intriguing. For my first birth, I studied everything. I watched several deliveries from calm deliveries to ones where the mom was screaming bloody murder. I wanted to ensure that I wouldn’t faint and drop my camera while doing my job. Lol! But what I found was that the miracle of life is…pretty miraculous…even in video.



So, I’ve been blessed to capture births. However, even as a full-time photographer it’s hard to schedule multiple births. So, I only take one a month. But what I love about birth is…everything! Lol! What makes a birth truly amazing is the team. The energy of support for the mother. The quiet space in between the contraction. I love watching dads eagerly wait to meet their baby. What really fills me with joy is when families get their photos back and tear up overwhelmed with happiness to see what was going on around them.



If you are looking for a doula…I’ve worked with a few awesome ones. These sweet, supportive, and wonderful ladies did everything to work with their mamas to bring a baby into the world. The doctors and midwives that delivered the babies were just amazing as well! Each time I captured a birth, this non-emotional person had to pull it together to capture beautiful images. It’s such a joyful experience to see a baby born. I’ve been so honored to capture such a special occasion with them.


Kristi Keen, of Keen Doula Care


Frances Coleman, of Full Circle Family Services



Heather Barrett of IllumiNatal Doula Services











Katy | Houston Birth Photographer

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